Common Hot Tub Problems & Solutions

How do I keep my spa/hot tub water clean?
It is very important to keep your hot tub water clean and free from bacteria, you do this by using approved chemicals and regular testing.
What is best Chlorine or Bromine and is there an alternative?
The reason that sanitisers are used in spas is to ensure that the water stays healthy by preventing and killing bacteria. There are various methods that can be used and some have advantages over others. There are also alternatives to using Chlorine and Bromine, such as the Spa Frog or Active Oxygen systems.
Help, my water is cloudy!
More than likely the balance is not correct in your hot tub – we suggest you read our useful 7 step guide.
My cover is heavy and waterlogged do I need to replace it?
The average lifespan for a rigid spa cover is 4 years, if you have a cover lifter it may well be slightly increased. However the secret to a longer lasting cover is perfect water chemistry all the time. We do sell replacement covers in various colours to suit any spa and they do not cost as much as you may think.
Why are my pipes scaling up?
If you live in a hard water area you should be adding a No Scale product to the water on a weekly basis. This stops the calcium taking control of your hot tub components.
Why does my hot tub smell?
Poor water chemistry and a lack of cleaning the underside of the cover will normally be the cause of a smelly spa/hot tub – you willl find out how to look after your spa with a proper maintenance routine in our 7 step guide.
My skin is itchy after bathing?
You may find that your skin dries out quicker after using a spa which is quite normal, however a poorly maintained hot tub could cause skin irritation and rashes due to incorrect chemical levels. If you are sure your spa is properly maintained and your symptoms persist then you should consult your GP.
I have completely lost control of my hot tub water!
Sometimes a hot tub can be treated and brought back to normal bathing conditions. In other cases as the water ages it would be best to drain earlier than scheduled and start from fresh, you will certainly notice the difference! Read our Spa Care guides to ensure you are properly treating your spa water.
Can I use fragrances in my hot tub?
If they are non or low foaming and approved for use in a spa then yes you can, you cannot use normal bubble bath! Spa fragrances will take the edge away from any chemical smells and enhance your bathing experience. We sell a range of fragrances suitable for hot tubs.
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