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  • Is your cover inefficient?
  • Does it collect water on top?
  • Has it got really heavy over time?
  • Does it smell?
  • Is it looking tatty?
  • Is it shedding bits into your spa?

“If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to consider investing in a new cover for your hot tub. Typically, a cover’s lifespan is around 4 to 5 years, and the difference with a new one will be noticeable. We specialize in replacement covers for various makes and models, but sometimes identifying the right one can be challenging due to similar products from different manufacturers. That’s why we ask for your measurements once we’ve created the template.

Our covers are crafted in the UK and occasionally overseas, delivered to your door by us or our supplier, whichever is quicker. We keep some covers in stock for immediate delivery; otherwise, the average lead time is 4 to 12 weeks. Choose from a variety of colors for a fresh look!

Most standard covers up to 2.4 m sq are £450 delivered (excluding covers with speaker hoods, etc.). Once the template is checked and signed off, we’ll email you the PDF invoice for pre-payment.

Hot tub covers, also known as rigid covers, thermal covers, or spa lids, are often included in the initial hot tub purchase. However, like car tires, covers don’t last forever. Constant exposure to weather, trees, animals, and humans, along with the heat and chemicals released from the tub, takes its toll.

Covers are seldom made by hot tub manufacturers themselves; they source them from cover manufacturers who may add the spa manufacturer’s logo. Buying a replacement cover from the manufacturer or dealer could mean paying a premium, as it passes through various stages until it reaches your door.

For over 25 years, our custom hot tub covers have been made for any spa, hot tub, or swim spa. Constructed with the finest materials and available in a range of colors, you no longer have to settle for brown or tan. We deliver directly to your door, and installation is as simple as screwing on the new clips.

Unlike most companies, we ensure all is in order with the template before emailing you the invoice. Once we receive payment, we’ll place the order with the factory or notify you if the cover is already in stock. Consider investing in a Cover Caddy or Lifter for easy cover handling and potential privacy benefits. Discover the difference with our award-winning company!”

Customers must take full responsibility for providing accurate measurements and the skirt measurement must not include the hard cover.

Please double-check all measurements as we will make the cover exactly to your specifications and cannot be responsible for errors other than our own.

  • The new cover straps may not match the old straps and clip locations

How to measure your cover

Measuring the cover
  • Measure to the outside of the cover flange
  • Work out your measurements for A/B/C/D/E/F positions marked on the relevant diagram below for your spa shape
  • Ensure your strap measurements are taken from the bottom of the skirt
    • Continuous skirt will only split where the cover fold is
    • Split skirt has a split on each corner (if your tub is tapered out at the top)
    • Hinge on covers always split at the longest dimension (unless otherwise specified)
  • If you require a cover greater than 2.4 metres contact us for a quote as these are made by special order
  • If your spa is a shape not shown below just contact us for a quote and this can also be made to order
Covers are £450.00
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