Active O2 Test Strips


Active O2 Test Strips For Aquablanc & Active Oxygen users. 3 way Test Strips. Tests for TA, MPS & PH.

50 Strips for testing active oxygen, pH and TA levels


Introducing Active O2 Test Strips, the essential companion for maintaining optimal oxygen levels in your hot tub. Designed specifically for hot tub owners, these advanced test strips provide accurate and instant measurements of oxygen content, ensuring your spa water stays fresh, clean, and rejuvenating.

With Active O2 Test Strips, you can easily monitor oxygen levels to ensure they are within the ideal range for a soothing and invigorating hot tub experience. Simply dip a strip into your hot tub water, wait for the color to change, and match it to the provided chart for precise results. Maintaining proper oxygen levels not only enhances water clarity but also promotes relaxation and revitalization.

Crafted with quality materials and engineered for reliability, Active O2 Test Strips are an essential tool for hot tub enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best for their relaxation oasis. Keep your hot tub water pristine and inviting with Active O2 Test Strips – the perfect solution for effortless hot tub maintenance.

50 Strips for testing active oxygen, pH and TA levels.


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