AquaQUIK Spa Vac


Spa Vac

Spa Vac Now you should all be experts in keeping your water in tip top condition but let’s not forget the inside and outside of the hot tub itself.


Spa Vac

Spa Vac. Quick & easy way to vacuum the bottom of your spa

For protecting the acrylic shell, vinyl and rubber surfaces from UV, moisture and chemical degradation use our Aquasparkle Spa Polish. It’s a silicone based cleaner and conditioner. Please read the label for full instructions on all of our cleaning products.

The rigid cover plays a vital part on a hot tub, its main purpose is to retain the heat. If your cover is not looked after it could be costing you extra money in electric. Wash down the cover on both sides twice a year with warm water then use our 303 Cover Protectant on the topside, which bonds into vinyl surfaces to block the suns UV rays and guards against cracking & fading.


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