Bromine Tablets 1kg


Discover the ultimate solution for pristine hot tub or spa water with our Bromine Tablets, available in a convenient 1kg container. Crafted with premium bromine, these tablets promise to simplify your water treatment regimen, providing long-lasting protection against bacteria and contaminants. Designed for slow dissolution, they offer a consistent release of bromine, ensuring a steady sanitizing effect for an extended period. Effortlessly maintain your spa by adding these tablets to your floating dispenser or bromine feeder, eliminating the need for frequent adjustments. Perfectly suited for warm water environments, these tablets guarantee a relaxing, hygienic, and enjoyable soaking experience. Trust our Bromine Tablets for a spa oasis that remains clear, clean, and inviting, allowing you to fully indulge in the rejuvenating benefits of your hot tub.

Enhance your hot tub maintenance routine with this 1kg pack for reliable, hassle-free water care.


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