Bromine Tablets 5kg


Introducing our Bromine Tablets, a superior solution for maintaining impeccable water quality in your hot tub or spa, now available in a convenient 5kg package. Crafted with top-grade bromine, these tablets are meticulously formulated to simplify your water treatment routine, effectively eliminating bacteria and contaminants. Engineered for slow dissolution, they provide a consistent release of bromine, ensuring prolonged protection against harmful microorganisms.

Easily integrate these tablets into your spa maintenance routine by adding them to your floating dispenser or bromine feeder, eliminating the need for frequent adjustments. Tailored for warm water environments, these tablets guarantee a relaxing and hygienic soaking experience.

Rely on our Bromine Tablets to keep your hot tub water consistently clear, clean, and inviting, allowing you to fully savor the rejuvenating benefits of your spa oasis. Elevate your hot tub maintenance with this 5kg pack, offering hassle-free and reliable water care for an uninterrupted enjoyment of your spa.


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